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How choosing flexible pouches can help the environment

Flexible packaging uses less material for the same amount of product compared to rigid alternatives. This means less weight and less volume to carry, at every step in the supply chain, significantly lowering the carbon footprint generated by transport.

On top of this, flexible pouches are lighter because they can be made with less material in the first place – therefore also turning into less waste. And you can step up sustainability even more by choosing a fully recyclable option like Gualapack’s Pouch5! An advanced solution that allows anyone to do the right thing for the planet and keep food fresh at the same time, thanks to the high oxygen barrier.

Many baby foods, on-the-go snacks and juices now come in flexible pouches that are convenient, suitable for all ages, and “green” too. And we all can encourage this trend: consumer preferences drive innovation in the market, favouring companies who prove their commitment to sustainability. This makes choosing lower-impact packaging at every grocery run more important than ever: it’s everyone’s responsibility to make a difference.

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