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Laminates for Sauce Group


Соусы и заправки2
Sauces and dressings
Ketchup and mayonnaise

Main characteristics


Standard aluminum-based and aluminum-free in polypropylene or polyethylene (depending on application), paper-based, monomaterial polypropylene, mixed polyolefin, compostable, bio-based.

Special features

high mechanical resistance, versatility of use

Additional options

For retort (up to 123 °C) and pasteurization (up to 92 °C)

recycle 1

Mono materials (completely with PP)

hourglass 1

Increases the shelf life of products

Sauce group laminate is a sealed packaging the shape of which is limited only by the possibilities of the customer’s line, produced from 2, 3 or 4 layers of laminate. The main feature is ease of use. Lightweight, flexible and durable packaging is ideal for storing liquid, bulk and creamy products.

Sauce group laminates have excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. The probability that the package will open itself is almost zero.

Because of this sauce group laminates are widely used as:

Sauce group laminate from Gualapack compares favorably with other modern packaging. First of all, you will be able to choose the material. We offer 2, 3 or 4 layer laminates, namely standard, monomeric, mixed polyolefin and even biological ones.

Depending on your goals and type of product, we offer two types of laminate:

Products advantages

High quality printing
High barrier properties
гибкость упаковки
Packaging flexibility
High performance laminates
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