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Pre made pouches

Pre made pouches

Pre-made pouch (doypack) is a truly innovative invention that has increased the shelf life of products without negatively affecting quality. Nowadays the better option simply does not exist. Pre-made pouches are especially appreciated by both manufacturers and consumers since they have many advantages over other types of packaging.

The most precise characteristic of flexible pre-made packaging is absolute versatility. Pouches can be of different shapes, sizes, colors and used for different types of products.

For example, pre-made pouches (doypack) are often used by manufacturers as:

  • packaging for ready meals;
  • packaging for baby food;
  • packaging for sauces;
  • packaging for mayonnaise;
  • packaging for pet food;
  • packaging for dairy;
  • packaging for yoghurts;
  • packaging for cosmetics;
  • packaging for liquid soap, etc.


The production of pre-made pouches by Gualapack meets all international quality standards. Our products are characterized by such qualities as:

  • safety and hygiene;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • reliability.


Pre-made pouches (doypack) come in a variety of forms. Our range includes a variety of options:

  • transparent;
  • with zip-lock;
  • monodose;
  • doypack;
  • no-spill, etc.


Regardless of the type of product, only up-do-date, safe and high-quality materials are used for the manufacturing of pouches. For your convenience, Gualapack can also take care of applying a design of any complexity to the packaging.

Advantages of ready-made packaging

High quality of finished products
Safety and hygiene
Long shelf life of products
It can be recycled
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