R&D center Gualapack Ukraine
Research and development

R&D center Gualapack creates innovative and modern flexible packaging solutions for its partners.

We are in constant communication with the engineering department to ensure that the most efficient and environmentally friendly materials are used.

A team of professionals is ready to offer a solution to the problem for any customer. We will offer the best option, create a unique design or shape, and also think over the packaging format for any product.

Our tasks

Selection of the optimal laminate structure for a specific application
Selection of the package format for the volume of product required by the customer
Development of new forms and package formats
Development of new forms of caps
Development of technical specifications for products
Development of drawings of finished products
Development of auxiliary drawings for each of the stages of product manufacturing
Didn't find the required product type?

The specialists of our R&D center will develop an individual solution that will suit your business

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