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Flow Pack


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Baby food
Cereals and bulk products

Main characteristics


2-, 3- or 4-layer laminates, biological, standard, monomeric, mixed polyolefins

Special features

high mechanical resistance, easy opening

Additional options

For retort (up to 123 °C) and pasteurization (up to 92 °C)

recycle 1

Mono materials (completely with PP)

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Increases the shelf life of products

Flow Pack is one of the most practical and widely used types of packaging. First of all, it is a statement about price. Switching to Flow Pack helps to significantly optimize packaging costs.

While manufacturers see the upside for themselves in the price, consumers appreciate the Flow Pack for its other qualities. The fact is that Flow Pack packaging is an ideal solution to the problem of product storage. Soft packaging reliably protects the contents from bacteria and foreign substances.

Exact for this reason Flow Pack packaging is used as:

Gualapack soft packaging laminate has a high mechanical resistance index. In our range you can also find options from other materials:

Regardless of what the packaging will be made of, the Gualapack Flow Pack will have all the necessary qualities to preserve the freshness of the product. The high barrier properties of the laminate and the possibility to prepare it for retorting (up to 123°C) or pasteurization (up to 92°C) help us achieve this goal.

We pay a high attention to the protective functions and to the appearance of the flow pack packaging as well. Its durability and excellent quality allow the high-quality printing. We can put any picture and text on the soft packaging laminate and assure you there is no worries about losing its appearance over time. The packaging will keep its best during the way from your warehouse to the end consumer’s table.

Products advantages

High quality printing
High barrier properties
гибкость упаковки
Packaging flexibility
High performance laminates
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