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Doypack with spill protection

Usage Markets

Детское питание2
Baby food
Йогурт и молочные продукты2
Yoghurts and dairy products
Фруктовые пюре и закуски3
Fruit purees and snacks
Косметика и красота
Cosmetics and beauty
Соусы и заправки2
Sauces and dressings

Key Features

Package type

Cheerpack™, Doypack®


Based on aluminum and non-aluminum polypropylene or polyethylene (depending on application), bio-based


from 70 to 200 ml

Type of spout (capping):
  • diameter 8,6;
  • central position;
  • no spills.
Additional options
surprise-box 1

Surprise packaging

pouch 1

Glows in the dark

pastry-bag 1

Pastry bag

Features of use

Cold filling
Hot filling and pasteurization
Hot filling

Doypack with spill protection (No spill pouch) is a patented development that has largely changed the perception of flexible packaging as unreliable. No wonder, this type of packaging is ideal for storing liquid and creamy products. It is worth trying the doypack at least once and you will never have the desire to return to other types of packaging.

Since No spill pouch combines convenience and safety criteria, it has found application in many areas. It is difficult to find an industry that could not use it for its products.

For example, no spill pouch can be uses as:

Gualapack No spill pouch looks stylish and bright. Convenient squeezing valve prevents liquid from leaking, no matter what position the package is in.

Materials for the manufacture of doypack with spill protection (No spill pouch) can be:

Generally, the choice of material depends on what you plan to store in it. As an additional protection against bacteria, antiseptic treatment and hot filling are used.

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    Products advantages

    Safety and hygiene
    High barrier properties
    Стабильный (устойчивый)
    Stability (resistance)
    Детское питание6
    Suitable for baby food