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Roll packaging

Roll packaging

Laminated flexible packaging is a universal packaging option that is widely used in both the food and chemical industries. Due to the fact that it is made from a single-layer or multi-layer flexible laminated packaging
has truly excellent properties. Practical features include reliability and durability, lightness, excellent tightness and high barrier. Aesthetic properties include a neat and presentable appearance.

Our Laminated flexible packaging can be used as:

  • packaging for ketchup;
  • packaging for mayonnaise;
  • packaging for sauce;
  • packaging for juices;
  • packaging for puree;
  • packaging for liquid soap and toothpaste, etc.


Laminated flexible packaging also includes soft lids and sachets that protect the product from moisture and air. At the moment, it is almost impossible to find a material that could compete with polymers in reliability. Another advantage of this material is the affordable price. |

Gualapack has produced laminated packages for more than eight years. Our equipment allows the use of extrusion technology that gives the film an excellent appearance and ensures perfect transparency. It also achieves high elasticity and puncture resistance. Moreover, Gualapack provides rotogravure printing and advanced lamination services allowing you to create your own unique design.

High quality of finished products
Safety and hygiene
Long shelf life of products
It can be recycled
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