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Stand-up Pouches

This type of packaging can be used in various industries:

Детское питание5
Baby food
Йогурт и молочные продукты3
Yogurt and dairy products
Фруктовые пюре и закуски3
Fruit purees and snacks
Соусы и заправки2
Sauces and dressings
Косметика и красота
Cosmetics and beauty
Корм для домашних животных
Pet food
Фармацевтика и медицина2
Pharmaceutics and medicine
Домашний уход2
Home care
Powders and soluble
Промышленные и непродовольственные товары
Industrial and non-food products
Готовые блюда
Ready meals

Key Features

Package type

Doypack®, Flat Pouch


Standard aluminium-based and non-aluminum in PP or PE (depending on application), paper-based, polypropylene monomaterial, mixed polyolefin, compostable, bio-based.

Pouch volume

from 100 to 500 ml

Type of spout (cap):

without spout

Additional options
surprise-box 1

Can be used in the microwave

pouch 1

Easy to open

pastry-bag 1

Zip lock (if necessary)

Application features

Cold filling
Hot filling and pasteurization
Hot filling
Hot filling and retort

Stand up pouches are an easy and convenient way to store any type of product, from food to household chemicals. It is noteworthy that plastic bags with a zip lock began to replace the usual plastic containers. Being a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option, this packaging is more suitable for today’s consumer.

Zip lock stand up pouches are valued for their high barrier properties and reliability. Thanks to the use of materials that are safe for humans and nature, the packaging has become truly universal. It is widely used as:

Gualapack zip lock stand up pouches are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Pouches can be made of:

Material for a vacuum bag with zip lock is selected according to the specifics of the product. Moreover, the type of material will not affect its barrier properties and safety in any way.

All zip lock pouches can be used for:

For those manufacturers who want something more than just applying the usual design and text on the packaging, Gualapack offers to consider

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    Products advantages

    Safety and hygiene
    High barrier properties
    Стабильный (устойчивый)
    Stability (resistance)
    It can be recycled