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Sustainable development


Our goals and objectives towards the sustainable development;

  • Minimization of production impact on the environment;
  • Investments in innovative packaging solutions and implementation of sustainable developments;
  • Ensuring the safety of working conditions and professional training of employees;
  • Social initiative in support of Gualapack employees;
  • Ensuring financial stability.

Reduced impact on

Gualapack has initiated a number of projects that have helped to reduce the negative impact on the environment:
CO2 emission
Natural gas consumption
Use of renewable energy
Reducing production waste
Water consumption
What have we done?
  • Installed a cogeneration plant to optimize natural gas consumption and limit CO2 emissions
  • Implemented an energy saving program to reduce TOE (tons of oil equivalent) and carbon emissions.
  • Implemented the Clean Energy project using solar energy.
  • Reduced water consumption by replacing the cooling system.
  • Installed a solvent recovery system to release VOCs.
  • Received ISO 14011 and SMETA 4 pillar certifications.

Solutions for innovation and eco-friendly packaging

Circular economy

Recyclable, reduce marine litter, create a closed production cycle, especially for flexible packaging of disposable products


Reduced environmental impact of packaging manufacturing processes in terms of CO2 emissions


Safety of consumers, especially children, in the production of goods at risk of adulteration on the shelf

Creating a circular economy
  • Developed packaging suitable for recycling processing;
  • Laminates and flexible monomaterial packaging ready for processing;
  • Gave a “second life” to our caps and caps BrickCap®: collectible cap that can be used as a constructor;
  • SpinCap: a cap that is used as a toy – a spin cap or playing chip
Climate Preservation

Using less material to work with without sacrificing performance:

  • high barrier laminates and pouches do not contain aluminum;
  • cap and packaging upgrades to reduce exposure to environment


We use renewable materials for production:

  • high barrier paper pouches;
  • compostable laminates for dry applications;
  • caps, laminates and high barrier bags on biological basis.
Human health and safety

Safe and certified packaging:

  • BabyCap®: large cap size prevents accidental ingestion by our smallest consumers.
  • WavyCap has the same safety features as BabyCap® but with a different design for shelf differentiation and less use of plastic.
  • NEW BabyCap+is the most innovative solution in terms of product safety perspective.

Social responsibility

The social projects and activities promoted by Gualapack and the Social Foundation are inspired by some of the 17 United Nations goals.

In Ukraine, Gualapack is engaged in social and environmental projects through the SociAL Foundation.

The SociAL Foundation was established by the Guala family of companies to invest a portion of the Group’s proceeds in support of initiatives that promote social inclusion, economic assistance and cultural development.

The whole world

Our production companies in each country promote local initiatives, managing them independently:

  • educational projects
  • financial support for medical institutions
  • support for humanitarian organizations
  • assistance to people affected by natural disasters
Basic principles of the fund:
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