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Spouts and caps for flexible packaging
Assembly (Spout + Cap)

The ideal solution for forming packaging from GUALAPACK laminate and assembling GUALAPACK on your filling line. The following polyethylene assembly options are available: BrickCap® + 8.6 mm spout; BabyCap® + spout 8.6 mm; WavyCap + spout 8.6 mm; Standard Cap + spout 8.6 mm; Animal Cap + spout 8.6 mm.

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Standard cap

The ideal solution for all types of packaging. Suitable for all markets of use, except for the children’s line, where the use of BabyCap™ is the main requirement.

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BabyCap® is the world standard for caps used with baby food pouches (spouts). The cap prevents the risk of suffocation, has a diameter of 33 mm and holes to allow breathing if swallowed.

The BabyCap® fits 8.6mm and 14mm baby food spouts and is available in polyethylene or polypropylene depending on product requirements.

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An upgraded version of the BabyCap®, the WavyCap guarantees the same choking protection with a 33mm diameter and holes that allow breathing if swallowed. The cap is suitable for spouts with a diameter of 8.6 mm and can be made of polyethylene or polypropylene.

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The cap for baby food packaging has a special protection against unauthorized opening. This is very important when the product is on the shelf: the cap guarantees the integrity of the product and protection against manipulation and counterfeiting.
BabyCap + will tell you if the package is already opened.

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In addition to safety and quality, BrickCap offers a brand new feature: once used, the cap turns into a building game that allows kids to build 3D objects.

BrickCap raises the bar for sustainable packaging, implements the concept of “reuse” and gives a “second life” to a conventional cap for flexible packaging. BrickCap can be made from polyethylene or polypropylene depending on customer requirements.

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Tethered Cap

The Tethered Cap technology complies with the EU Single Component Directive. The design consists of attaching the pouch to the spout so that it does not get lost and pollute the environment. The fixed cap can be installed on all Gualapack filling lines with a special cap set (available for new and existing lines). The tie-down pouch is available in polypropylene and polyethylene and can be used for hot filling, cold filling and post-heating autoclaving. Fits all Gualapack pouches with 8.6mm spout. Two options are available: Standard Cap and Mood Cap.

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Spin Cap

The Spin Cap is a collectible polyethylene or polypropylene cap that can be reused for play. The variety of designs and bright colors are suitable for children ages 3 and up to play and make your products stand out from the competition.

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Cereal Cap

Caps for bulk products and powders. One-piece cap that is made from polyethylene and reduces the amount of material used for manufacturing (compared to two-piece caps). This packaging is very convenient to use, because it can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

In addition, Cereal Cap uses tamper-evident technology to ensure package integrity and product protection.

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Monopiece Cap

An economical and easy-to-use cap that can be easily opened thanks to the breakable membrane and re-closed later. Designed for FFS filling machines, available in polyethylene and polypropylene.

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All of our spouts fit our caps perfectly and are constantly being improved to ensure perfect screwing and product safety inside.

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Personalized cap or spout

If you did not find the right type of product, please contact us.

Our R&D specialists will help you develop an individual solution suited to your business needs.

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Products advantages

High quality of finished products
Safety and hygiene
Long shelf life of products
It can be recycled

The active transition to pouches and other flexible packaging has led to the fact that spouts and caps for flexible pouches with different functionality and features have appeared on the market. Speaking of a growing range, we are not limited to discussing color and shape. The type of cover itself largely affects whether it will be convenient for the consumer to use your product.

Spouts and caps for flexible packaging reliably protect the contents of the package from external influences. Depending on the type of product, a cap is selected. At the moment, manufacturers are actively using options such as:

Gualapack flexible packaging spouts and lids come in a variety of styles.

In our range you will find: