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How can pouches make baby food fun, convenient and healthy?

Why are leading baby food brands all over the world choosing spouted pouches for their products? Because they are three times safe – protecting the food they contain, the children who use them, and the planet as well.
But as much as safety is always a priority, life has to be fun too – especially for babies, toddlers and kids!

Squeeze for fun

Squeezable pouches can be a novelty that gets children interested in healthy snack options like simple fruit purées or yoghurts.
Gualapack’s pouches can be manufactured in different shapes, and printed with bright and eye-catching graphics or made in transparent material to show the content inside. We also offer caps in a variety of colours and designs – even collectable series shaped like emojis, animals or with letters on them.
In addition, extreme ease of use means children can hold and manage their favourite snack on their own, even at a very young age, and experience a sense of control and independence over their food in a completely safe way: no spoons or straws to handle, and no spills for parents to clean up!

Making life easier for on-the-go parents

Flexible spouted pouches make carrying around a quick and healthy snack convenient for busy parents. Made in resistant material and easy to close with screw-on caps, Gualapack’s pouches don’t leak in purses or backpacks – and provide the ideal lightweight and compact option to avoid toting around huge bags just to run a few quick errands. Even children can simply and safely carry their own small snack to the playground!
Parents also enjoy the peace of mind of a packaging option that is anti-choking for babies, makes nutritious food like fruit juice even easier than sugary alternatives, and helps them do their part for the environment.
Indeed, Gualapack offers a range of tethered caps that not only stay off the ground for hygienic reasons, but prevent small pieces of litter from polluting kids’ favourite park; and once the pouch is empty, monomaterial options like Pouch5 make it easy to recycle 100% of the packaging.

Turn picky eaters into fruit lovers!

Suitable for a hot fill, cold fill, pasteurisation and retort applications, Gualapack’s pouches can be used for fresh and healthy fruit or dairy-based snacks made with simple ingredients and minimal processing. In other words, they make nutritious food more appealing to children and easier for parents: forget carrying around a box of apple slices only to find they have turned brown by lunchtime, or picking banana mush off the contents of your purse!
Spouted flexible pouches are practical and fun packaging that both smart parents and lively children like.

If you are looking for a flexible packaging supplier offering a vast range of stand-up pouches perfect for baby food, contact us: we are a global company with headquarters in Italy and a growing presence all over the world, including a new sales office in the United States.

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