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Tube Laminates


Косметика и красота
Cosmetics and beauty
Фармацевтика и медицина2
Pharmaceutics and medicine

Main characteristics


Standard bio based monomaterial

Special features

360° design, ultra-gloss surface, shiny metallization, reflection effect, different material thickness

Additional options

For retort (up to 123 °C) and pasteurization (up to 92 °C)

recycle 1

Mono materials (completely with PP)

hourglass 1

Increases the shelf life of products

Tube laminates is a type of packaging that is mainly used to store products with a long shelf life and high sterility requirements. For its creation it is used a multi-component and high-tech material on a biological basis that provides a high barrier.

Tube laminates favorably differs from other types of packaging due to the fact that it does not get wet and reliably protects the contents from external influences, even from ultraviolet rays.

Tube laminates is chosen as a packaging for following products:

Gualapack Tube laminates has several obvious advantages:

More and more businesses are thinking about the need to reduce waste. Those materials that can be reused come to the rescue. The cosmetic tubes we produce are made from bio based material. It is important that the environmental friendliness of the product is not achieved at the expense of the loss of other qualities. The barrier properties of Gualapack tube laminates are as high as those of its non-environmentally friendly counterparts. 

At Gualapack we can decorate cosmetic tubes 360°. You can also choose which effect – glossy or matte – the packaging should have. Digital inkjet printing ensures flawless patterning which is especially important in the production of cosmetic tubes.

Products advantages

High quality printing
High barrier properties
гибкость упаковки
Packaging flexibility
High performance laminates
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