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Sample packaging


Фруктовые пюре и закуски3
Fruit purees and snacks
Соусы и заправки2
Sauces and dressings
Косметика и красота
Cosmetics and beauty
Фармацевтика и медицина2
Pharmaceutics and medicine

Key Features

Package type

Pep up



Pouch volume

Customized volume

Spout type (cap)

Pouches without spout

Additional options
surprise-box 1

Non spill

pouch 1

Easy to open

Application features

Lightweight and convenient packaging
For liquid and paste
Innovative filling system
Self-closing type of packaging
Used at home and on the go

Sample packaging is innovative, safe, easy to use and ultra-lightweight. It is ideal for storing all types of liquids, pastes and even jelly-like food and non-food products. With apparent external fragility, this package has amazing strength and resistance to mechanical damage.

Sample packaging is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. With all this, pep up packaging does not break and allows the user to fully control the process of squeezing the liquid. Convenient self-closing system prevents possible spills.

Very often, Pep up is used as:

Pep-up packaging from Gualapack fully meets all the needs of the modern consumer. It is ideal for both home use and travel. Since Pep-ups are used not only for storing household chemicals, but also for food products. Only safe materials are chosen for its production.

Other benefits include:

High-quality material from which Pep up packaging is made allows you to create a design of any complexity. The stylish and modern look of the packaging is preserved for a long time.

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    Products advantages

    Safety and hygiene
    High barrier properties
    Стабильный (устойчивый)
    Stability (resistance)
    еда на ходу2
    For food “on the go”