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EASYSNAP Portion Packaging


Фруктовые пюре и закуски3
Fruit purees and snacks (honey)
Соусы и заправки2
Sauces and dressings
Косметика и красота
Cosmetics and beauty
Фармацевтика и медицина2
Pharmaceutics and medicine

Main characteristics


aluminum based, EVOH based

Special features

high mechanical resistance, hermetic seal, excellent hygiene standards, one-component product

Additional options

For retort (up to 123 °C) and pasteurization (up to 92 °C)

recycle 1

Mono materials (completely with PP)

hourglass 1

Increases the shelf life of products

Easysnap lives up to its name. The packaging is designed to be opened without any effort, literally with one hand. All you have to do is to fold packaging in half. There is no wonder this patented development quickly found use in a variety of applications.

Easysnap differs from other disposable packaging by being dosed. One bag is equal to one dose that is convenient in use.

That’s why Easysnap is used as:

Easysnap technology is aluminum or EVOH-based. Among main characteristics of our products there are the following:

The Easysnap monodose is not only reliable and durable but also a guarantee of an attractive look for your products. The Easysnap portion packaging itself looks extremely neat and minimalist. Monodose flexibility and small size allow you to take it with you wherever you go. Gualapack also has the possibility of high-quality printing on packaging. The inscription and pattern will not be erased even with the most careless handling.

Products advantages

High quality printing
High barrier properties
гибкость упаковки
Packaging flexibility
High performance laminates
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